Windows also absorb solar energy: Scientists have successfully developed fully transparent solar materials

In recent years, we gradually began to get rid of dependence on traditional fossil fuels, and solar energy has become a key development direction. Although these solar energy technologies have been greatly developed over the past decade or so, the volume and appearance have been greatly improved, but in order to improve the heat absorption capacity, the appearance of black is basically adopted. However, with the breakthrough of solar technology, the new transparent solar material can make the common windows in the home become power generation panels.

The research team led by Richard Lunt, Associate Professor at Michigan State University, has successfully developed this incredible new material that can dramatically change our view of solar energy and can even be applied to intelligence in the future. Mobile phones and other devices need only provide constant current power in the sun.

Rand said: "Highly transparent solar cells represent the future trend of new solar applications. We analyzed its development potential, and from the results of the experiment we can provide similar power generation capacity as rooftop solar energy, and we can upgrade buildings, cars and The efficiency of mobile devices."

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