What type of bed should you buy Omido teach you to choose bed tips

Nowadays, the bedroom beds in the market can vary from style to texture to function. Which of these beds is better ? What type of bed should we buy in daily life? Omido Xiaobian teaches you how to choose a bed.

solid wood bed

In the manufacturing process of solid wood furniture, the amount of glue used is relatively small compared with those of wood-based panels. The main drawback of solid wood beds is that they are easily deformed and difficult to maintain. For example, can not let direct sunlight, can not be too cold and overheated, too dry and humid environment is not suitable for solid wood bed; if you do not pay attention when using, frequent switching air conditioning caused by excessive temperature and humidity changes, even qualified wooden bed products sometimes Deformation and cracking can also occur. However, the style of the solid wood bed is varied and more beautiful. The beautiful wooden bed can be used as an ornament.


Cloth bed

The colorful fabric bed is made from a variety of good-looking fabrics such as cotton, linen and flannel. It looks very warm, with stylish colors and changing shapes to match a variety of styles. Cloth bed has good ventilation, and it is closer to natural and comfortable. It can be washed and dismantled. However, many chemical fiber products are used in the bed. It is easy to grow worms. If you don't frequently change the bed, it is easy to bring germs. The bed looks dirty, affecting the appearance of the room. If you are a romantic and passionate person, the colorful fabric bed will suit your appetite.


Panel bed

The basic materials are made of man-made boards, and furniture made of hardware is used to facilitate disassembly, assembly, transportation, and installation. The general style is relatively simple, not deformed, cracked, and moderately priced. The number of products in the market is large. The plate bed is also closer to life, mainly allowing the owner to feel the warmth of the bedroom. A busy day, lying in bed can soon go to sleep. This is why people nowadays prefer Korean furniture. However, due to common hardware connections, plate beds are most likely to be loosely connected, resulting in loose beds and sounds, and they are still lacking in environmental protection. For example, some manufacturers The production of particle board and other materials, but the veneer is not fully packaged on it, easy to release formaldehyde harmful to the human body, not enough formal, so to buy brand plate furniture, are strictly processed and inspected.

Iron bed

The wrought iron beds are very classical, and most of the wrought iron patterns are very beautiful. The biggest advantage of high-quality wrought iron beds is that they can greatly reduce the pollution of the indoor environment. When they are not used, they can be easily disassembled and do not occupy space. It's easy to move. However, wrought-iron beds are not suitable for placing in damp places. If the material of the beds is not closed, the wrought-iron beds may have a certain amount of sound, and there may be a phenomenon of falling paint, which will affect the appearance.

Leather art bed

Compared to ordinary solid wood and board beds, the price of leather beds is relatively high. The headboards and bed frames of leather beds are made of genuine leather. Before buying a leather bed, you must know how to identify the genuine leather, fake leather, and leather. Secondary skin. The most afraid of leather art beds is to be stained with oil or scratches. Do not use water directly when cleaning. Use a dry cloth to wipe with a special leather cleaner. If you need to create a noble and elegant bedroom environment, the skin bed atmosphere will be a good choice.


What kind of bed should be bought depends on which aspect of your life you are more concerned about, the beauty of the wood, the warm and comfortable fabric, the price and simplicity of the plate, the classical and environmental protection of the iron, the elegant atmosphere of the leather art, and the selection of the most Those who like will not regret it. To learn more about furniture, please pay attention to the GO Home Information Channel.

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