Tuzheng Technology: Leading China's fingerprint module industry into the "high-density packaging era"

On May 8, 2018, Shanghai Tuzheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Belsec BIOSEC) held a new product launch conference at the Shenzhen Zhongzhou Marriott Hotel, releasing five new products with innovative fingerprints and new upgrades. Six generation V8 fingerprint recognition algorithm. Among them, 4 new products are fingerprint products, including ceramic cover sequence fingerprint sensor and module, high-performance single-chip integrated fingerprint module, single-chip integrated fingerprint module supporting national secret, ultra-thin package and low power consumption. Fingerprint sensor, a new product line, joined forces with Ali, Huawei to launch WiFi digital video module (ie "WiFi cat eye" module).
This time, the four new fingerprint recognition products launched by Tuzheng Technology will lead the Chinese fingerprint industry to a new height in performance, design and ultra-thin packaging technology.
1), ceramic cover sequence fingerprint sensor and module
This group of products realizes the protection scheme of ceramic cover plate on the large-area sensor with a new packaging process. The hardness is up to 8.5, and the RCA test is up to 10,000 times, which truly achieves the quality of wear and scratch resistance. It is the first mass production application of ceramic cover plates on large area fingerprint recognition sensors. The nano-coating on the surface of the ceramic cover plate effectively achieves hydrophobic treatment and solves the problem of residual fingerprint. Ceramic cover type sensors will also become the standard product for future high-end fingerprint locks.
2), high performance single chip integrated fingerprint module
With a thickness of only 650 microns, it uses a self-designed ultra-thin packaging technology to assemble semiconductor fingerprint sensors and fingerprint algorithm chips and large-capacity memory on a single chip, up to 40 I/O pins, and open 64KB of application space. The second programming development, the speed recognition is less than 0.35S, completely changing the production structure of the current industry application system, saving one MCU. High integration, high reliability, high cost performance, low power consumption, single chip to achieve minimum volume, suitable for compact applications such as padlocks, luggage, cabinets, etc., to stimulate the downstream new market of 100 billion.
3) Supporting national secret single-chip integrated fingerprint module
It adopts Tuzheng Technology single-chip integrated package, the whole package thickness is only 650 microns, SE with built-in Cortex M3 core, runs fingerprint identification algorithm inside the security chip, supports secondary development, and unique FOD package design ensures the physicality of the security chip. It is safe and has national secret authentication. It can be applied to fingerprint authentication security devices such as U shield and U disk.
4), ultra-thin package low power fingerprint sensor
With a thickness of only 225 microns and ultra-low power consumption, the active mode draws up to 1.5mA below the full-speed operating current. It is the thinnest and lowest power fingerprint sensor in the industry. Representing Tuzheng Technology (Belsec BIOSEC) with world-leading independent package design and simulation capabilities. It is expected that the new product can be applied to a large-scale scene with strict requirements on credit cards, mobile phones, and the like.
5), Wi-Fi digital video module
Tuzheng Technology (Belsec BIOSEC) announced the addition of a new product line, the launch of "Wi-Fi digital video module", that is, "WiFi cat eye" module, strong alliance with Ali, Huawei Haisi, is currently on the market Innovative products. The wireless cat's eye function designed for the application scenario represented by the fingerprint lock is a low-power module. It can be directly integrated into the front panel of the fingerprint lock, and connected to the smart lock video call, remote unlocking, etc. through Wi-Fi networking. The function, as if giving the smart lock to the eyes, promotes the development of high-end smart locks to the "guardian robot". Among them, Huawei Haisi developed a digital video compression technology that adapts to fingerprint lock applications. Ali Security Labs leads the development of a secure architecture ID2 for high-security IoT devices, ensuring access and interactive data security.
6), sixth generation V8 fingerprint recognition algorithm
The algorithm technology is the core technology of Tuzheng Technology (Belsec BIOSEC). After 15 years of commercial inspection and continuous evolution, this conference officially launched the sixth generation of the newly upgraded fingerprint identification algorithm V8 version. The V8 algorithm adopts stable structural features and The image feature depth fusion algorithm has a pass rate of 10% higher than the previous generation, the false positive rate is as low as 0.0001%, and the dependence on structural features is reduced to 1-2.
Advanced packaging technology: FOD multi-chip stacking and DISP ultra-thin packaging technology
Tuzheng Technology has the design, simulation and R&D capabilities of the chip, and realizes multi-chip stacking through FOD design. It realizes 2in1, 3in1 SiP single package solution in function, which can mass produce thinner, smaller and higher integration. A more stable product, saving one application MCU.
Ultra-thin fingerprint identification products using DISP package, the thinnest can reach 225 microns, its penetration is stronger, it can penetrate glass and ceramic cover, provide the texture and design basis of high-end products, and guarantee the dry and wet fingers under normal conditions. Good experience.
Tuzheng Technology (Belsec BIOSEC)
The first high-tech company in China to successfully develop and mass-produce integrated semiconductor fingerprint modules has led the first wave of innovation in the transformation of fingerprint recognition modules from optical technology to semiconductor technology. Relying on the industry's 20-year technology accumulation, we are deeply involved in the field of bio-ID certification and are committed to large-scale practical applications of biometrics. Now the company has become the only whole industry chain high-tech enterprise with semiconductor fingerprint chip design, fingerprint algorithm (image/feature point) design, semiconductor fingerprint chip SiP package design, module and application design capability. The company is in China, the United States and Europe has more than 100 core software and hardware technology patents. The team was the only fingerprint technology service team in Texas Instruments (TI) in the early days. Now it is the world's top 500 ASSA ABLOY, Yale, the world famous lock company Master Lock, the domestic well-known lock enterprises Asia Pacific Tianneng, Keyu, global safe Manufacturers Epp, Wing Fat, Tiger King and other hundreds of customers provide products and services.
With the integrity of software and hardware technology, the company provides cost-effective products and pre-sales and after-sales service. The high-quality supply chain of listed companies represented by Lansi Technology, Huatian Technology and Jingfang Technology provides product quality and delivery. All aspects of protection. At present, the company serves a total of more than a dozen application industries. Since the listing of semiconductor fingerprint modules in 2015, the total shipments have reached several million. In 2017, the annual shipments exceeded one million, which is in the leading position in the industry. . In addition to its Shanghai headquarters, the company has established branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Ningbo, Wuxi, Hong Kong and Taipei. The investors include: Yingnuo Fund, Jinpu Investment, Shengyang Capital, Hongjin Capital, and Nachuan Capital.
At this new product launch, Tuzheng Technology (Bercek BIOSEC) demonstrated the world's advanced independent packaging design, chip design and algorithm research and development capabilities to the whole industry, and set off "small package, high performance, low power consumption, heterogeneous integration, The single-chip industry's second revolution represents the innovation drive of China's fingerprint identification technology and promotes China's fingerprint technology industry to the forefront of the world.

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