Skill analysis: the relationship between the material and function of NSK bearings

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Skill analysis: the relationship between the material and function of NSK bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-11-09

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Rolling ferrules and rollovers of NSK bearings; one side repeatedly subjected to high touch pressure; one side is tumbling with a sliding touch. The retainer; one side with the ferrule and the roll body; or one of them sliding touch; one side is subjected to tension And shortening force. Therefore; the ferrule of the NSK bearing; the material, function and important requirements of the roll and cage are as follows.
The functions demanded by the ferrule and the rolling material: tumbling fatigue strength, high hardness, high abrasion resistance, and high-resistance. The function of the cage material is good: the dimensional stability is good, the mechanical strength is large, and the processing property is good. It is not the same according to the use; It is pleaded for its impact resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
Ferrule and roll material: ferrule and roll body are generally made of high carbon NSK bearing steel. Most of NSK bearings; use JJ steel type SUJ2. Large NSK bearing use SUJ3.
The chemical composition of SUJ2; in the world; as NSK imported bearing materials have been standardized. For example: with AISL52100 (United States), DIN100Cr6 (West Germany), BS535A99 (UK) are the same kind of steel.
Further need to withstand impact; as NSK bearing material, use chrome steel, chrome molybdenum steel, nickel chrome molybdenum steel, adopt carburizing and quenching; make steel have a softening layer from the surface to the proper depth. With proper softening depth and fineness Arrangement, suitable for hardness surface and core hardness of the carburizing NSK bearing; than the NSK bearing NSK bearing with excellent impact resistance; a different carburizing NSK bearing steel chemical composition.
Vacuum degassing treatment was implemented; therefore; the materials used were high in purity, low in oxygen content, and good in quality. The appropriate heat treatment was adopted; the tumbling fatigue life of NSK bearings was significantly advanced.

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