Quanzhou exports about 10% of footwear products in 2010

Recently, according to the Quanzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, last year Quanzhou inspection and quarantine departments tested a total of 89,900 batches of export footwear with a value of US$2.926 billion. Export batches and value of goods respectively increased by 16.10% and 21.98% over the same period of the previous year.

According to reports, the unit price of footwear exports increased by 21.3% last year, exports accounted for about half of Fujian Province, and about 10% of the country's total. The export value hit a record high, and further consolidated Quanzhou’s world-wide athletic footwear as a major production base. status.

Dispersant Agent mainly for textile industry. 

Performance and use
This product is light yellow to yellow-brown powder, an anionic surfactant. It is soluble in water, acid, alkali and hard water, good dispersion properties. With protein and polyamide fibers have affinity.

Mainly used to coloring for vat dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, acid staining pad or pigment pad dyeing of the dispersing agent, as a auxiliaries for vat dyes's powder or sizing agent. Also used staining to levelling agent and auxiliary tanning agent in leather industry. Can also be used for textile printing and dyeing, pesticides as dispersing agent, papermaking, electroplating additives, latex, rubber, construction, water-soluble paint, pigment dispersant, oil drilling, water treatment agent, carbon black, printing ink dispersant.

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