Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out special inspection of product quality law enforcement

In order to ensure the quality and safety of the county's products, the Bureau of Quality Supervision began to implement product quality inspections in the entire county.

It is understood that this special law enforcement inspection will protect the people's livelihood, safeguard the people's personal and property safety, standardize the production and processing enterprises' production and operation behavior, and strengthen their responsibility for product quality as the goal, and carry out special rectification in seven areas.

The first is to conduct special law enforcement inspection on agricultural products. Highlight key products such as compound fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural machinery and their accessories, and focus on checking whether the effective content strictly enforces national standards, whether adulteration, adulteration, shoddy, and strict investigation of counterfeiting laws and regulations on agricultural and agricultural violations In particular, it is necessary to severely investigate and punish illegal activities that intentionally reduce the content of active ingredients of chemical fertilizers in order to reduce production costs. The deliberately illegal enterprises are listed on the “blacklist” to the public, and the supervision and inspection of such enterprises is strengthened.

The second is the special inspection of building materials products. Focus on wire and cable, coatings, wood-based panels and other products. Strengthen supervision of key areas.

Thirdly, focusing on products related to the national economy, people's livelihood and personal health and safety products, we will carry out in-depth rural food, beverage and other centralized remediation, improve regional food quality, and serve the economic development to ensure food quality and safety.

The fourth is to carry out special law enforcement inspections of home appliances to the countryside. We will conduct supervision, random inspections and law enforcement inspections on home appliance manufacturing enterprises that have won the bid for home appliances to rural areas, and strictly investigate all kinds of illegal activities such as pretending to be true, shoddy, using unqualified products to pass qualified products, and counterfeiting counterfeit household appliances to the countryside. Home appliances to the countryside in the name of selling fake and shoddy products.

The fifth is to carry out inspections of oils and fats, food waste, and special rectification of biodiesel.

Sixth, crack down on unlicensed production violations. Organize and carry out law enforcement inspections on dangerous chemicals, packaging of dangerous chemicals, containers, pesticides, and special labor protection products.

Seventh, it is to ensure the effectiveness of the special rectification of the furniture and interior decoration materials for the people's mind project. Resolutely banned counterfeit black dens in cooperation with relevant departments; resolutely confiscated, destroyed, and recalled products with serious toxic and harmful substances; and strongly declared the companies and their dens that had repeatedly committed repeated crimes to be included on the “black list” for publication. The people have a bright heart. (Wang Qingxue)

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