Professional Hydropower Renovation Notice Hydroelectric Reform Should Be Cautious

The hydropower reform is the most professional in the decoration, and also the most influential and most influential part of the future use, because once the renovation is completed, the pattern of hydropower is basically fixed forever, unless you open the floor to open the wall, all To change the situation, so hydropower reform is very important. With the small series together to understand it.

Professional hydropower transformation precautions

1, kitchen waterway transformation

The transformation of the waterway in the kitchen mainly includes faucets and water heaters. The average family uses a water heater shared by the kitchen and the bathroom. Therefore, when the waterway is reformed, the water heater must be installed so that the location of the hot and cold water pipes can be determined and the waterway can be reconstructed. .

When installing, pay attention to the same height of the hot and cold water nozzles. The nozzle should be two centimeters higher than the wall. The distance between hot and cold water pipes should be 15 cm. This standard should be strictly enforced. The cold and hot water pipes are all in the wall. The groove depth must be checked when grooving. Hot and cold water pipes can not be the same. Electric water heaters generally need to be fixed on the load-bearing wall. If the situation is special, fixed brackets should be fixed on the non-load-bearing walls, and the top layer should have enough positions for the fixed brackets. It is necessary to communicate with the water heater manufacturers in advance to determine the location of the water heater outlets. .

2, bathroom waterway transformation

The content of the transformation of the bathroom waterway is relatively high. The installation positions of the wash basin, toilet, bathtub and washing machine, and the need for hot water pipes must be well thought out. The drains of the drains must be handled in place, otherwise the backwater phenomenon will be caused later. Water meter installation position should be convenient for reading, water meters, valves from the wall to the appropriate distance, to facilitate the use and maintenance. The water inlet of the toilet bowl should be placed where it can be blocked by the toilet. One-piece toilets should be based on the model to determine the location of the outlet, generally left in the center of the toilet outlet 200 mm left.

3, the transformation of the living room circuit

The wiring lines that need to be installed in the living room include power lines, lighting lines, air conditioning lines, television lines, telephone lines, computer lines, and doorbell lines. The position of the wire needs to be considered in advance, and the reserved work is done. Generally speaking, it is necessary to leave a telephone line at the edge of the sofa, and to leave a doorbell line at the inside of the door. The water dispenser, humidifier and other devices are reserved for power. In general, living rooms should have at least five power cords. Air-conditioners, DVD players, and other devices that are not in the standby state are best equipped with switch socket panels so that they can be switched off when not in use and will not waste electricity.

4, bedroom circuit transformation

Bedroom circuit transformation generally includes power lines, lighting lines, air conditioning lines, telephone lines and computer lines. Reserve a power cord at the top of the bedside table and use a 5-hole patch panel with a switch, which can reduce the trouble of not switching on the bedside light. Above the dresser should be reserved for power wiring (hairdryer); In addition to consider there should be reflector lamp above the mirror, plus a switch beside the box; bedroom lighting is best to use dual control switch, one installed outside the bedroom door, another A switch is installed on the upper side of the bedside table or on the bedside where it is easy to operate, so that at night it is not necessary to get up and go to the bedroom door.

Misunderstanding of hydropower reform

1, strong and weak electricity condominium

Many people feel that the wall or floor is well-renovated, leaving several outlet boxes in the way of the eye, and that the "fine soldiers and simple administrations" have incorporated power, network cables, telephone lines, etc. into a single box. Degrees, but greatly increased the inconvenience we use.

Hidden Trouble: Because our family often uses alternating current, if the strong or weak electricity takes the same route, or if it is in the same bottom box, the network and the phone will receive interference during use, resulting in unstable signals and more If there is a line, there is a risk of fire!

Correct measures: The strong and weak electricity should be routed separately. It is forbidden to share one pipe and one bottom case for strong and weak electricity. The parallel distance of strong electricity lines should not be less than 3cm, preferably 50cm, and the crossing must be a right angle.

2, line connection

Due to the different types of houses and different requirements for our electricity use, there may be cases where the length of the wires is not enough for wiring. Some decoration workers twist the two wires together to save time.

Hidden Trouble: Owners generally do not care about this type of problem. They do not know how to deal with this situation, and it is easy to see the problem of leakage due to aging.

Correct practice: If the length of the wire is not enough and you need to connect two wires together, you should use the locknut connection at the nozzle and junction box.

3, repeat the wiring

A line, a pipe, a room, a line, although it seems clear and plain, but once the line problems, these loops around a hundred thousand revolutions around, without destroying the ground or the wall can not be changed.

Hidden Trouble: After the home is well-furnished, if there is an aging line, you need to change the line, or you will find that when you upgrade the line, you will have to destroy the decoration due to the duplicated wiring at home and the layout of the “Heavy Network”.

Correct specification: Make the line "live"! In the case of no more than 40 percent of the capacity of the pipe, the line of the same trend is put in the same pipe, which avoids the problem of winding, so that later changes do not have to "go on the move." Moreover, many hydropower retrofit companies charge according to pipelines, which is also more economical!

4, the use of wire is not standardized

Sometimes it can be seen on the construction site where renovations are under way. Therefore, the lines are all white. Don't think that it looks neat and tidy. This is not the standard!

Hidden Trouble: Wires are not separated. Once a problem arises on the line, the FireWire, Neutral, and Ground lines cannot be separated when the test is repeated.

Correct practice: In the process of circuit transformation, the wires should be covered with insulating tubes and the various lines should be separated by color. In this way, if there is a problem of cable breakage in the later period, the whole wire can be taken out and repaired, and at the same time, the colored lines can be seen at a glance, and it is not necessary to knock the wall and knock it off.

5, hot and cold water pipes

If we say that the circuit reform is not easy to bring us security risks, the transformation of the waterway will greatly affect our quality of life. In some homes, there are more bathrooms, so the plumber mixes the cold water and the hot water pipes when they are on the waterway.

Hidden Trouble: This surface will not affect the use, but due to the different expansion and contraction rates of hot and cold water pipes, the water will expand and contract when it passes through, so it is easy to cause leakage of cold water pipes.

Correct practice: Cold water and hot water pipes should be distinguished by strict color.

Editor's summary: The introduction of professional hydropower reform is introduced here and I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

Hydroelectric reform professional hydropower reform

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