Oba CBS-X CAS No. 27344-41-8

Model NO.: OBA
1% Extinction Coefficient: 1105-1181
Application: Used in Detergents
Length: 348-350nm
Trademark: SWC
Transport Package: in Drum or Carton
Origin: China
Appearance: light yellow granular or powder
Max. UV absorption wavelength: 348-350nm
1% Extinction coefficient: 1105-1181
Packing: in drum or carton
Application: used in detergents  

Gas Drilling

PDC cutters for oil&gas bits is produced by using the higher degree of diamond powder and tungsten carbide substrate. Microstructure with complete C-C bond combination is characterized between the diamond grains in polycrystalline diamond layer, which allows the high strength, hardness and wearing property of diamond layer. We adopt many types structure of the interface between diamond layer and carbide , and use the special technological post-processing in order to effectively reduce residual stress of PDC while make the interface combination firmer and more symmetrical. So Gas PDC cutter displays satisfying thermal stability, higher impact resistance and excellent performance.

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