Learn how to decorate the entrance so that you can prevent the drawbacks

The way of entrance decoration, there are two ways of entrance decoration: hard entrance and soft entrance.

The hard entrance is divided into a full partition entrance and a half partition entrance.

1) Completely cut off the entrance. Refers to the design of the entrance is full-scale, from the ground to the top. This partition is designed to block the line of sight. The considerations for this design are: 1Whether your design will affect the natural lighting at the entrance? This is critical. If this design causes the light in the foyer to be dark, then it will be superfluous. 2 Whether this design will create a sense of narrow space is also worth noting.

2) Partitioned entrance. Refers to the entrance or half of the design in the horizontal or vertical direction. This design will, to a certain extent, reduce the drawbacks of the above-described all-off entrance.

The semi-partitioned entrance may also use glass in the transparent part, even if it is from the ground to the top, because it is visually half-isolated, it is still divided into half-blocked areas.

Soft entrance refers to the method of regional division based on the plane processing of other projects.

1) Smallpox division. The location of the hall can be defined by the difference in the shape of the ceiling.

2) Wall partitioning. The location of the hall may be defined by differences in wall treatment and other adjacent walls.

3) Ground division. The location of the hall can be defined by the difference in floor material, color or height.

4) Shoe cabinet division. The position of the hall can be defined by the length of the horizontal yawing and vertical extension.

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