Is it affected by construction using an inflatable cable duct seal bag?

China is rapidly urbanizing, lacks land resources, urban traffic is increasingly crowded, and the quality of life is declining. The rational use of “underground space” can ease tension in large and medium-sized cities and make cities more three-dimensional. However, in specific development and construction, underground space The cable pipe waterproofing plugging project is more difficult to implement than on the ground. Inflatable pipe seal bags can meet current needs. The use of inflatable pipe seal bags will not cause adverse effects on construction, but they are greatly welcomed by the majority of construction personnel. The operation of inflatable pipe seal bags is relatively simple, and the installation personnel are easy to use. The installation process is relatively clean, it will not affect the surrounding environment. It can be said that it is an environmentally friendly product. It has no power supply at the site, the water source can be installed, and there is no requirement for the entire construction environment. The product removal is relatively simple and will not cause damage to pipes and cables. .

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