How to Raise the Pteris

Fengfeng bamboo grace and elegant appearance, is a good indoor foliage plant, many people will be placed in the study with the stone, living room and other places, do not have a good feeling. So, do you know how to raise the phoenix bamboo ? What is the cultivation method of Pteris grandis ? If you are interested in the phoenix tail bamboo, you should not miss the introduction of how to cultivate the phoenix tail bamboo and how to cultivate the phoenix tail bamboo .


First, the growth habit of Pteris

Phoenix-tailed bamboo, also known as the phoenix, is native to southern China. Hi warm and humid and semi-yin environment, cold resistance is slightly poor, not strong light exposure, fear of waterlogging, should be fertile, loose and well-drained loam, winter temperature is not lower than 0 °C. The phoenix-tailed bamboo plants are densely clustered, bamboo stems are dwarf, and the branches and leaves are beautiful. They are often used for ornamental plants, dotted with small courtyards and living rooms, and often used for bonsai or low hedgerow materials.

Second, the method of aquaculture

1, breeding

Pteris chinensis reproduces several commonly used ramets, seed propagation, and cutting propagation. However, because bamboo is not easy to grow and cuttings are difficult to root, it is mainly based on ramets. Breeding is often done in early spring in conjunction with potting. At the time of ramets, at least one bamboo bud should be used for each shoot, and fibrous roots should be kept to ensure the survival rate. The new plants should be cultivated with moderate pots and fertile soil. Pay attention to watering and maintain a moist state. In the semi-infested areas, grow quickly.

2, cultivation

Select the appropriate cultivation season, the most suitable cultivation in March, when the mother bamboo germination rate is high, the most likely to survive. Choose the ideal mother bamboo. Mother bamboo should grow robustly, without pests and diseases, stalk shoots hypertrophy, fibrous root development, bamboo age is better in one or two years. Timely planting. If you really need long-distance transportation, you should first put it in a cool and sheltered place to moisturize, properly handle the package, to prevent damage to the root eye and shake off the soil. Apply base fertilizer before planting to ensure adequate nutrition. Select soft soil, fill in the bottom of the hole first, then apply into the decomposed manure, mix well with the topsoil, put down the mother bamboo, layer and cover the soil and press the lining. The cover soil is 2cm to 3cm deeper than the parent bamboo. Pour enough water. Immediately after planting watering, be sure to drench the first time, after the appropriate amount of water reduction, see wet see dry.

3, light

The phoenix-tailed bamboo hi light is used for indoor maintenance in the spring, summer and autumn seasons. It is placed in a ventilated area near the south window sill, and it can be grown well in sunny places in winter. If you put outdoor training, you can receive more light during the spring and autumn seasons, and pay attention to shade in the summer to avoid exposure to bright light. Otherwise, the branches and leaves tend to yellow, affecting the appearance.

4, temperature

Pteris chinensis is an evergreen shrub. Hi warm and moist and semi-negative environment. The cold resistance is slightly poor, it is not resistant to light exposure, and it is not afraid of waterlogging. It should be fertile, loose and well-drained loam, and the winter temperature should not be lower than 0 degrees.

5, soil

Pteris exigua prefers acidic, slightly acidic or neutral soils, and the family pots can be cultured with phyllocalin, garden soil, and river 1/3 mixed preparations, avoiding sticky and alkaline soils.

6, watering

Watering during growth should be moderate, keeping the potted soil moist. In dry and humid climates, the leaves must be sprayed with clean water in order to keep the leaves green.

7, fertilization

During the growth of Pteris Majora, liquid fertilizer should be applied once every 20 days or so. The phoenix tail fertilizer is mainly organic fertilizer, and liquid fertilizer can be used to decompose and thin bean cake water, or compound liquid fertilizer. Fertilizer should be stopped in winter.

8, trim

Pteris chinensis gradually withered during its growth and should be cut in time to maintain a beautiful posture. If it is not pruned, the phoenix tail bamboo will go wild without restraint, and it will lose its better ornamental nature. In the growing season, the phoenix-tailed bamboo is very easy to pull out the tender stem from the rhizosphere, and the ferocious rise will affect the overall composition of the bonsai bamboo bonsai. The overgrown part and the debilitating branch can be cut off. If the phoenix is ​​too dense, it needs to be sparsely treated.

9, change basin

Compared with other small potted plants, the phoenix bamboo has a slightly larger root system, which is related to the problem of changing the basin. It is usually changed once every two years. It is better to replace the soil with fertile soil. When you choose the soil, Care should be taken to choose sandy soil, which cannot be grown in a clay environment.

10. Diseases

Phyllostachys pubescens often has leaf blight and rust. 65% zeocin WP can be used to control leaf blight, and 50% WP can be used to prevent rust. Insect pests are harmed by scale insects and aphids and sprayed with 40% omethoate EC 1500 times.


Third, the Feng Shui role of Pteris

The role of Feng Shui in Pteris chinensis

Pteris chinensis has a powerful role in prosperous life, and the balcony plants in which feng shui has a prosperous effect are tall and thick. The thicker the more green, the better the prosperous effect. Pteris chinensis is a typical example. Put it on the door, I believe that the gas will not be invited.

The Feng Shui Effect of Phoenix Pteronysma II: Protecting the House Exorcism

Phoenix-tailed bamboo is a housekeeping evil plant. If you feel that your family is always sick, the work is always unsuccessful, and learning is always backwards. You should put an phoenix-tailed bamboo in front of the door so that the phoenix-tailed bamboo can drive away the evil spirits. You are a happy home.

The Feng Shui Effect of Phoenix Pteronymus: Health and Health

Pteris is a water-based plant, and an phoenix-tailed bamboo can be placed on the door to the east of the house to improve the health of the kidneys and liver.

The above is information on how to raise the phoenix tail bamboo and introduce the culture method of the phoenix tail bamboo. The phoenix tail bamboo is elegant and chic in the home furnishings, which makes the home very luxuriant. It is generally suitable for Chinese or rural style homes. If the home is these styles Think about it.

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