How to correctly account for the decoration

How to correctly account for the decoration

First, review the decoration section first review yourself

Is it not against the foreman's soft-wearing hard foam, but also added a lot of renovation projects, such as in the contract, but also made a shoe?

Second, accounting decoration section to see if it pays extra

Is it a lot of things that should have been spent on decorating the company to buy, and eventually become your own money to buy?

Third, accounting decoration section to look at the contract double counting

Look at the contract, is there a place for double calculations, such as your paint is bought by yourself, but the budget is still to pay the paint money to the decoration company?

Fourth, accounting for renovation projects to review the amount of work

Have you carefully measured the area of ​​all construction projects? You know, even if you put the price down before the decoration, the designer has a way to quietly add money back to you in the budget. The way is to work on the amount of work.

V. Accounting and decoration section check calculation area

The decoration is based on the actual area, rather than the area of ​​the building. It should be checked when the decoration company is using the construction area or the decoration area.

Do not trust all the building materials recommended by the designer

Do not listen to the designer's side of the word, even if he obtained a first-class home improvement designer qualification. At the time of design, you must always be clear-headed, knowing that it is always you who know best what you need. Therefore, you must dare to admire your ideas in front of professional designers.

Some designers work with building material manufacturers to deliberately mention certain plates and tiles during design. Consumers must not be fooled by the fact that when purchasing building materials, it is best to first examine the true quality of the building materials mentioned by the designers. It's best to buy building materials yourself! Although the designer is responsible for his design, if he only finds the designer long after the renovation, it is difficult to guarantee that he will not find reasons for congestion. Therefore, it is best for consumers to look for the designers of large decoration companies. As long as the company hasn’t closed down yet, “they can't run the monk.

How to reduce the decoration costs?

1, to reduce the cost of decoration is the first consideration is the choice of decoration materials, due to the quality of the decoration materials, the middle and lower levels, but the same kind of material, due to the source of the problem so that the price is different, so the goods than the three will always be applicable .

2. When purchasing materials, ask the designers or decoration workers to go with them as much as possible. Once they know where to buy inexpensive materials, do more with less; more importantly, the price quoted by material suppliers for these long-term customers. It will be very favorable.

3, using the "most of the cheap part of the expensive" approach, most of the materials and practices used cheaper, a few of the finishing touches with high prices, so it looks like there will be a higher style.

4. Don't look for a big decoration company. Because it has high operating costs, counter-fee use will also be correspondingly high.

5, unless you have a small amount of construction, it is best to ask professional designers for your planning and design, so that you can put your money into practice, and achieve the desired effect.

6. Unless you are a professional, you should not directly hire a worker because it costs less, but in fact, because of differences in details and practices, you spend far more than you can get.

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