How much is the decoration of two rooms and one hall? How to decorate two rooms and one hall to save money

Now the house price has been high, and the small apartment in the two- bedroom and one- bedroom has become the favorite type of space for the majority of consumers. Although the space of the two- bedroom and one- bedroom decoration is relatively compact, the reasonable design layout can also make full use of the space to create for you. A warm and comfortable atmosphere. How much is the decoration of the two rooms and one hall? How to save money in two rooms and one hall? This is one of the issues that many people pay more attention to before the renovation of the two-bedroom and one-bedroom. Don't worry, I will explain in detail the knowledge about the decoration of the two rooms and one hall for everyone. I believe that after reading the following introductions, you will benefit a lot!


Two-bedroom and one-bedroom decoration precautions

1. It is best to carry out house design. Small apartment rooms are small but complete, and nothing can be done. Moreover, the occupants are mostly young people. They are highly dependent on the computer network and have a relatively casual life. Therefore, the requirements for circuit layout of small units are very high. It is necessary to fully consider the use needs of all aspects, and to ensure that Ningfu is not lacking in the early design, avoiding the flaws in the interface caused by the change of furniture and pattern in the later period. At the same time, the structure of small units is generally more complicated. Many people blindly remove the load-bearing walls, air ducts, and flue pipes, or make changes to water, electricity, and gas, regardless of the structure. In doing so, the light will cause nodes to crack, and the weight will affect the load-bearing structure of the whole building and shorten the service life. Therefore, in principle, the space structure should not be dismantled.

2, furniture can not occupy a large space. First of all, the refrigerator can not be greedy, and should use the moderately-oriented and highly-deferrable styles, which can save the limited use area of ​​the ground and will not affect the storage of food. Secondly, as for audio-visual equipment, TVs can be thinner and lighter and can be wall-mounted, minimizing the space occupied by TV cabinets. If possible, consider choosing a projection device to make the design of the wall more concise. As far as possible, the audio equipment is installed on the wall and the top surface, which can achieve good sound effects without making the floor area more complicated and trivial. Finally, in terms of furniture purchase, the purchase follows the principle of “Ning Xiao Bu Da Da”. It should be based on practical and compact. It is not advisable to choose particularly large furniture and accessories. It is best to plan the size of the furniture on the drawings first, and then choose to buy.

3. Rational use of color and lighting. First of all, from the color point of view, the dull wall color. For small units, color systems with higher brightness and purity are generally selected. Because the purity of the color is stronger, the more you see it first; the higher the brightness, the more malleable the senses, which is what we usually call "bright and bright." The ceiling is simple in shape and the regional boundary is not strong. This invisibly causes great difficulty in the selection and use of the lamps. People tend to put only one or a few main lights, which is too monotonous. The light of the small space should have the main time. The main light is mainly composed of simple ceiling lamps, supplemented by table lamps, wall lamps and spotlights. To emphasize the functionality and layering of the luminaire, different light source effects can be used interchangeably.

4. Do not carry complex ceilings. Most of the small-sized apartments are short, and the smaller ceiling decoration should be the first choice, or simply do not make a ceiling. If the shape of the ceiling is too regular, the space area of ​​the ceiling will be too strong.

5. Make good use of the floor decoration of the divided area. The space of the small-sized apartment is narrow and twisted. Many people use the different materials and heights to distinguish the regional sense in order to decorate the effect. The smallpox also echoes with it, which results in a more tortuous spatial structure and derivative. A lot of "corridors" create visual obstacles and waste of space.

How much is the decoration of two rooms and one hall?


If the house is purchased, there will not be a lot of money for the decoration. When it is renovated, you can choose the simple way. Lite, that is, only the basic decoration of the living room. Generally, a two-bedroom, one-bedroom living room of 90 square meters is enough for a simple installation of 30,000-50,000. The cost of room decoration is mainly divided into labor and materials, and the decoration of building materials is a major factor in determining the cost of room decoration. The decoration of the room decoration is not inferior decoration. It is not that the money-saving decoration is to use the inferior and cheap decoration building materials to carry out the decoration. It is necessary to know that the quality of the decoration building materials is a major factor affecting the pollution of the room decoration. The two-bedroom and one-bedroom apartments are mainly composed of water and electricity decoration, wall and floor construction, and paint painting process. In the selection of hydropower pipelines and paints and coatings, regular qualified products should be used. In this part, it is impossible to save money and use inferior products.

Mid-range decoration

When the two-bedroom and one-bedroom decoration is mid-range, the 60-90 square meter room costs roughly 50,000-80,000. When it is renovated, the cost of concealed works such as water and electricity renovation is basically the same as that of the simple installation. The main difference in price is the price of the wall and floor tiles. In the mid-range decoration, the decoration of the wall surface can be decorated with relatively good ceramic tiles, or artificial culture stone or natural marble. The decoration style can adopt modern minimalist fashion decoration style. If you need to add the cost of home appliances in the two-bedroom and one-bedroom mid-range decoration, the renovation cost will be around 10-15 million.

High-end decoration

If you want a very beautiful and stylish home decoration, you can use high-end decoration. The high-end decoration cost of the 60-90 square meter two-bedroom and one-bedroom living room is not on the line, generally more than 150,000. The higher the standard of high-grade decoration materials, the more expensive the overall decoration costs. The high-end decoration of the living room is very detailed for the details, and the choice of decorative building materials is also very strict. Generally 60-90 square meters two-bedroom one-bedroom high-end decoration does not add parts of the appliance, the cost is 15-20 million, if the decoration building materials are selected high-end well-known brands, then their costs are basically more than 250,000. If the high-end decoration costs the home appliance part, it depends on the grade brand of the home appliance selection to establish its specific cost.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to the different regions, the price will vary. For more details on the price, please refer to the local distributor!


How to decorate two rooms and one hall to save money

1. Hydropower. In fact, if you want to save money, it is best to have little action on hydropower. As long as the newly purchased commercial housing can meet the needs of life, there is no need to make special modifications.

2. Floor tiles and wall tiles. The operation of paving bricks and wall tiles is complicated, and a series of meticulous manual work is indispensable. Therefore, the cost here will be more than that of the floor. Therefore, it is recommended to select the appropriate specifications, draw a brick map, calculate the number of tiles required, and the construction loss according to the drawings.

3. Brush the wall. Now the wall-washing process in home decoration is generally an interfacial agent, scraping the putty three times, and then brushing the latex paint three times. Some decoration companies will include the process and main auxiliary materials (including putty, interface agent and latex paint) at the time of quotation, and will not be charged separately afterwards. Of course, some decoration companies will not do this, it will separate the painted parts. To pay, at this time, the owner needs to provide latex paint.

Here is a reference to the price of the brush wall: the cost of scraping putty is 20-30 yuan per square meter, and the cost of brushing latex paint is 15-40 yuan per square meter.

4. Ceiling. There are a lot of tricks on the ceiling budget. Usually, the decoration company will quote the overall price of the ceiling, including the price of the materials such as the keel and the edge line to be used. At this time, be careful of some irregular companies, they will open the cost. To collect.

Suggested products: the price of ordinary aluminum gusset ceiling is between 130-140 yuan; the price of integrated ceiling is between 300-400 yuan; the price of waterproof plasterboard ceiling is between 240-250 yuan.

Five. Flooring. Floor covering is usually done by the floor clerk, so for the decoration company, the task is not heavy, but also complete, just do the ground leveling and cement calendering work. Generally, the price per square meter will be between 25-35 yuan.

Six. Wooden doors. Like wooden doors for homes, owners can choose according to their own needs, because the price range of materials is relatively large.

Seven. Sanitary ware. This home improvement is very important, and you should never save money. If the economic capacity is not sufficient, it is recommended to choose popular brands such as Anwar, Hengjie, Faenza, Olusha, Huida, etc., which are very good. Sometimes these brands will also introduce some special package products, such as toilets, basins or bathroom cabinets, showers, etc., the price is only between 5000-10000 yuan, the purchase during the event is more cost-effective. Of course, compared to high-end brands, the price difference is also very large.

The above is the whole content of the two-bedroom and one-bedroom decoration brought by Xiaobian. I believe that after reading this article, the small masters have a basic understanding of the decoration of the two-bedroom and one-bedroom, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, Please click to enter the decoration process section.

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