How much does it cost to renovate an existing home?

Now second-hand housing is still a lot of people will now, buying second-hand housing can not avoid reappearance of decoration, so the old house decoration is now a problem that everyone pays attention to, there is still a difference between the old house decoration and the new house decoration, the old house becomes a new house, I believe it is Many families are very hopeful to see the changes, but there is one point that most of the owners do not want to see, that is, the renovation of the old house is more costly than the renovation of the new house. So here's to tell you about how much money and related precautions are needed for the renovation of an old house !

How much does it cost to spend on an old house?

Most of the existing home renovations will be more decorative than new homes, because many of them require secondary renovation and some demolition processes. In the price will be higher than a 5000-8000 yuan, the removal of the main part includes the removal of the old doors and windows, remove the original walls, roof, floor tiles, putty layer, paint layer, waterproof layer, plaster layer, remove some changes The non-bearing walls of the house pattern, the removal of some wooden wall skirts, skirting boards, wooden cabinets, etc. on the original wall, and the removal and removal of the added garbage, etc.

What should pay attention to the old house decoration?

What should you watch out for in your old house decoration? If your house's wall putty is still in a good state, or if it is not a long time for renovation, then you don't need to completely eradicate it. After painting the wall, you can repaint the latex paint. If the old house is more than five years old, due to the aging of the putty material, the second decoration must be eradicated to the bottom of the wall, otherwise it will affect the construction quality of the wall surface latex paint and the long-term use effect after the decoration.

If the original hydropower pipeline is not reasonable, for example, the line is only 1.5mm or does not meet the demand of high-power electrical appliances, it is necessary to consider expanding the line. If the original circuit layout is not reasonable, consider rewiring. In general, the old house's hydropower reform will generally account for about 10%-15% of the construction cost.

Due to the unreasonable layout of some old houses, many people would think of demolishing the walls during the second renovation. However, CoolNet must be reminded that only non-load-bearing walls can be demolished, and the demolition of the wall will inevitably increase the cost. If it is not necessary, experts recommend not to dismantle the walls as much as possible. When the wall is removed, it is necessary to cut off electricity in advance to avoid accidents. If the original power line and weak current line are to be retained, it is best to make marks and records in advance. The line-shock at the construction cut-off must allow sufficient margin to facilitate future wiring.

The above is the amount of money that the old house decoration that Xiaobian brought to you and the old house decoration should pay attention to which, hope you can give some help to prepare the old room decoration . If you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more More exciting so stay tuned!

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