Frequently Asked Questions about Dalian Zhonghesheng Mould Spring Customer

1. What are the main spring types of Dalian Zhonghe Sheng Mould Spring? Zhonghe Sheng Spring's main spring categories are: rectangular springs, mold springs, round springs; in the standard are: domestic springs, Japanese standard springs, German standard springs (World Standard certified springs), Misami standard springs, East hair color standard spring, large color standard spring;

1. What are the main spring types of Dalian Zhonghe Sheng Mould Spring?

The main spring categories of Zhonghe Sheng Spring are: rectangular spring, mold spring, round wire spring;

In the standard, there are: domestic spring, Japanese standard spring, German standard spring (world standard certification spring), Misumi standard spring, Dongfa color standard spring, large color standard spring;

Rectangular mold springs are divided into: high-compression rectangular mold spring, super-compression rectangular mold spring, high compression rectangular mold spring, medium compression rectangular mold spring;

Rectangular mold springs are divided into load load: extremely light and small load rectangular mold spring, light and small load rectangular mold spring, light load rectangular mold spring, medium load rectangular mold spring, heavy load rectangular mold spring, heavy load rectangular mold spring, Extremely heavy load rectangular mold spring, rectangular load spring for very heavy load high speed;

2. What are the services provided by Zhonghe Sheng Spring?

Zhonghe Sheng Spring provides standard spring spot supply and non-standard spring order service.

3. What are the main cooperation customer cases of Zhonghe Sheng Spring?

We have a professional technical and service team, and have become long-term partners and excellent suppliers of Haier, Ge, Gree, Midea, Cologne, Galanz and other well-known domestic brands. In addition, Zhonghe Sheng Spring's accessories agency business is spread all over the country.

Zhonghe Sheng Mould Spring is mainly used for mold parts, such as stamping die spring, metal die-casting spring, plastic injection mold spring, metal mold spring, automobile mold spring, plastic mold spring and so on.

Zhonghe Sheng rectangular springs are also widely used in industrial machinery and accessories such as elevators, machine tools, construction machinery, textile machinery (springs), filter presses (springs).

4, the material analysis of the public and Sheng spring:

矩形截面模具弹簧常见问题: - chsspring - 大连众和盛弹簧制品有限公司

Zhonghe Sheng spring, whether it is a round spring or a rectangular spring, the spring material is mainly made of spring steel.

Tests have shown that the advantage of spring steel is that the spring steel component can maintain a fixed size under the alternating stress of the analyzer, and does not produce fatigue fracture prematurely. For this reason, it is required that the steel for manufacturing the spring must have a high mechanical strength and an elastic limit, that is, a ratio of a high yield point to a tensile strength (RE1/Rm close to 1) and a maximum elastic specific work are required. In order to maintain the high fatigue strength of the spring, the spring steel must have good plasticity and toughness. In order to make the spring steel have the above conditions, the alloy steel with proper carbon content should be selected and can be realized after heat treatment. Generally used springs require the basic structure to be tempered tortonia. This is because the tempered tortite has a very high elastic limit and at the same time has a certain degree of plasticity. At present, the spring steel produced in China mainly includes carbon piano steel wire (spring), manganese steel (spring), silicon manganese steel, chrome silicon steel (spring), chrome vanadium alloy steel (spring) and so on.

5. What is the quality of Zhonghesheng Spring?

Zhonghe Sheng Spring adopts advanced production industry and is equipped with first-class production equipment. The company has its own complete spring research and development, design, production and testing system to provide customers with a complete set of spring and auxiliary parts services to ensure high cost performance. Standard springs on the market, such as Datong Spring, Dongfa Spring, Misami Spring, Sany Spring, Disk Spring, Mickey Spring, etc. Whether it is domestic spring or imported spring, Dalian Zhonghesheng Spring is standard and quality. There is no difference, even better, but the price will be relatively favorable. You can rest assured that we have many engineers who have worked in the design and production of rectangular springs for more than 10 years, guaranteeing that you will be able to help you solve any problems before and during the order. Let you have no worries, we are looking forward to our long-term cooperation.

6. Is Dalian Zhonghe Sheng Spring the choice of the best spring manufacturer you think?

Everyone often asks: Which mold spring is better? A good manufacturer of mold springs in China? Die spring manufacturers? Dalian spring manufacturers? Dalian is a manufacturer of mold springs? Mold spring custom manufacturers? Design and custom-made manufacturers of rectangular mold springs? Domestic manufacturers of Japanese standard springs? Domestic Japanese standard spring? Domestic European standard spring? Domestic high-end mold spring manufacturers? Can manufacturers of springs be designed in China? Dalian spring processing factory? What is the rectangular spring design? ... Believe that Zhonghe Sheng is your best choice.

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