Emerging markets become export enterprises, new directions to the building materials industry can also accompany

With the impact of the financial crisis and the advent of the post-crisis era, the trade friction of Chinese enterprises' foreign trade has been continually making the enterprises' foreign trade roads difficult. Under such circumstances, more and more Chinese export enterprises recognize the export market. The importance of diversification and efforts to explore emerging markets have become a compulsory course for the future development of foreign trade in building materials companies.
Emerging markets become export enterprises, the new direction of building materials industry can also follow. In recent years, the road to foreign trade in the building materials industry is also difficult to describe with the word stability. More and more trade frictions have made many companies that are exporting routes feel pressure. The gradual rise of emerging markets not only injects a “strong heart” for the road of foreign trade of building materials enterprises, but also points out the future marketing direction for foreign trade enterprises.
Emerging markets are still difficult to become a mainstream well-known B2B media group Global Sources recently released a survey shows that 50% of international buyers are now from emerging markets in non-European and American markets, and are showing rapid trend, including from Russia, Brazil, The average annual growth rate of buyers in Eastern Europe and India reached 79%, 41%, 39% and 38%, respectively, far higher than the average annual growth rate of 18% of the total number of buyers.
However, this survey also shows that of the total exports of China in 2009, emerging markets accounted for only 15%, and traditional markets accounted for 85%. Compared with the traditional market, the proportion of total purchases in emerging markets is still small, and it is difficult to develop.

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