Electrical management and precision of tile press

Electrical management and accuracy of tile presses Power management of press-tile equipment Notes:
For the full understanding of the color steel equipment, electricians must understand the workshop's electrical, wiring and electrical equipment types and functions. Do not risk homework. During the inspection, the electrician should check the cable, motor, electric control console and other equipment on a daily basis. It must be disposed of in a timely manner. When checking the temperature of the motor, first check that there is no electricity, and then test with the back of the hand.
Temporary wires are not permitted except for temporary construction use or temporary measures. It is not allowed to hang lights, instrument tools and welding machines, etc., to apply safe switches and sockets, and the original electrical lines must not be changed without authorization.
When repairing color steel equipment. A “No Prohibition Contract, Someone Working” warning sign must be placed on the switch and guillotine knife, on the side of the live equipment and on the aisle where the passage is prohibited, a “stopping, high-voltage hazard” warning sign should be hung, and the work place should be hung on Work on this" warning sign.
Unnecessary electrical equipment lines must be completely removed. According to the designated electrical equipment maintenance inspections.
The angle between the ladder and the scene is 60 degrees, when using the ladder. When using a ladder in a cement situation, there must be anti-skid measures and someone should support the ladder.
Found that any conductive part of the color steel equipment is grounded. In addition to rescuing the person with electric shock, they will not be allowed to approach. They will leave the room 4 meters away and the room will leave 1.8 meters to avoid being damaged by the step voltage.
When there is electricity near the test staff less than 0.9 meters, the department power out of homework. Dry wood rubber or insulating material must be used as a reliable temporary cover. There is protection against electric shock.
For those who are under 0.9 meters, the department will have blackouts. Dry wood rubber or insulating material must be used as a reliable temporary cover. There is protection against electric shock.
Tile press precision:
The status and role of tile press products in the national economy and national defense construction are very important. Its development has determined the improvement of the performance of electromechanical products. It can not only satisfy the necessary conditions for the diversification of functions of electromechanical products to the utmost, but also is the basic guarantee for the completion of major engineering projects and major technical equipment, and it is also the guarantee for the reliability of electromechanical products and major engineering projects and equipment.
??? Tile mill detection includes: pulse encoder for detecting the length of colorful steel tile, press-type up and down travel switch, cutter upper and lower limit switch, press-type up/down operation button, cutter up/down stroke button, emergency stop Switch, hydraulic start and stop switch and so on. The tile press performs two hydraulic solenoid valves, the hydraulic solenoid valve of the cutter, and two hydraulic solenoid valves of the inverter drive motor, the hydraulic station motor, and the press type.
The tile press must use a high number of pulse input functions, KDN-K306-24AR high input function is excellent, the selected AB phase anti-interference ability. And use the fixed value to stop the function to ensure accuracy.
Slitting or block installation method of the tile press The slitting or block device method refers to the device that separates the red stripe or block unit of the grid from the lifting equipment to the upper-air planning orientation, and then places it into a whole. The method refers to strips that are cut into several segments along the long span of the grid. The width of each segment can be from one grid to three grids, and its length is the short span of the grid. Block refers to that the shape of the unit cut in the longitudinal and lateral directions of the rack is rectangular or square. The weight of each unit is based on the lifting capacity of the existing lifting equipment on site.
Slitting or Blocking Method Most of the welding and splicing operations are performed on the ground, which is beneficial for improving the quality of the work and saving most of the assembled brackets. Because the cutting list has already considered the existing lifting equipment in the field, it can make full use of the existing equipment on the construction site and reduce the rental fee for lifting equipment and the entry and exit fees for C-shaped steel machines, which will help reduce costs. The strip or block device method is applicable to the unit after cutting to meet the rigidity and ensure its own invariability. Otherwise, temporary reinforcement measures should be adopted. The focus of the construction is on the correct distinction between bars/blocks and the safety assurance during the bar/block lifting process.
If the drive of the tile presser is driven by all the up and down axes of a tile drive press, the adjustment amount of the shaft will be small and the speed will be limited. The changed chain drive will have a relatively large vertical adjustment capability of the upper axle, and the chain drive is a cost. Lower program. Pressing machine gear drive can use cylindrical spur gear drive shaft. The problem of this kind of gear arrangement is the adjustment ability of the upper shaft. A small amount of movement on the upper shaft will reduce the contact of the gear. Such meshing outside the pitch circle will cause the transmission to be unstable. , easy to damage the tooth, the upper shaft and then move up, the gear is out of mesh, if the roller is repaired, the upper and lower shafts must be reduced, then the gear will limit the downward movement, and sometimes force the upper shaft gear into the next Shaft gears, which generate continuous shakiness, will leave marks on the strip. A different gear arrangement - each with a freewheel, allows the upper spindle to be 25-50mm or more without disengaging the gears.

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