Crown Pearl sanitary ware belongs to the first-line brand Why is it ranked so high in the market?

Many families want to choose branded products when choosing sanitary products. Especially in the bathroom above, because good bathroom things allow us to enjoy life, with everyone's needs, the market is also a lot of bathroom brands, and today I came to introduce a good bathroom brand - Guanzhu bathroom . Well, how about crown beads bathroom? Crown beads bathroom is a few lines brand? Crown beads bathroom price is how much? Crown beads bathroom sanitary ware market is second in the brand rankings, why it ranks so high in the market it Don't worry, I will explain these questions to you.

Guanzhu bathroom how - brand profile

Headquartered in Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng District, Foshan, the company has more than 400 professionals. With a capacity of over 1.3 million pieces, the products cover water-saving toilets, automatic flushers, basins, bathtubs, shower rooms, faucets, metal pendants and other ceramic sanitary ware and all ancillary products.

Guanzhu bathroom how-brand concept

Quality leader, still life

Implementing the concept of “pursuit of details and creating perfection”, we are committed to high-quality sanitary products, introducing French production equipment, and adopting a series of technologies such as “Zhijie glaze, pipe glazing, water saving and flushing” to ensure product quality.

Familiar with the door, caring home

Bathing is sacred, let people elute dust, return to self! Adhering to the "famous for the door, caring for home" brand concept, the famous design concept, the natural beauty of the material, exquisite craftsmanship, Gods craftsmanship It is delivered to the market so that every consumer can enjoy a fashionable, comfortable and healthy life.

Guanzhu bathroom how - production base

Located in Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng District, Foshan, covering an area of ​​200 mu. The park is equipped with a 148-meter tunnel kiln and a number of automated production facilities. The annual production capacity exceeds 1.3 million pieces. The products cover water-saving toilets, automatic flushers, cabinet basins, bathtubs, shower rooms, faucets, metal pendants and other ceramic bathrooms and all Package product.

Crown Pearl is a few brands

One of the ten brands of sanitary ware, with "China's 500 Value Brands" and other honors and independent research, production, management and other comprehensive, closely followed the development of the times, in 2006, a new chapter in the bathroom in China, and awarded "China's water-saving product certification "title.

Crown Pearl bathroom prices

Perfect design concept + made of natural materials, it's exquisite craftsmanship, every process in every place has been meticulous, looks very atmospheric, has artistic beauty, is the choice of consumers pursuing fashion. About the price, the comparison is better, Guanzhu Siamese toilet toilet GD39 price 2220 yuan, Guanzhu Siamese toilet seat toilet G067AM / L price 2043 yuan, Guanzhu Siamese toilet seat toilet G082M / LH price 1738 Yuan around, we can easily find that the price of Guanzhu bathroom is still more suitable for the public to buy.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different geographical areas, prices will vary. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Editor's summary: Guanzhu sanitary ware can be said to be a product. Guanzhu brand sanitary ware produces not only the appearance of the atmosphere, but also the beauty of art. It is a good choice for consumers who love fashion. If you also want a comfortable and healthy living environment, start with the purchase of the bathroom!

Crown Pearl Bathroom

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