Citrus main pest control method

The growth of citrus is inseparable from the prevention and control of pests and diseases. In the changes of the four seasons, accurately grasping the pathogenesis of citrus will not only bring good growth to citrus, but also bring us a great harvest. China Pesticide first net below Xiaobian to introduce major citrus pest control methods:

1. Tangerine cockroach (Citrus red spider): It is one of the most serious pests commonly found in citrus in China. Mainly harmful to citrus leaves, shoots and fruits. When the leaves are damaged, the leaves become grayish white and lose their luster until they are yellow and fall off. April-June and September-November are the peak periods.

(1) Spring Clearing Garden: Cut off dead branches, pests and branches, and remove weeds in orchards. Before the germination, 0.8-1.0 Baumeite sulphur mixture, pineine mixture 8-12 times solution or 20% cockroach WP 40-50 times solution can be used.

(2) Germination to flowering period: 0.3-0.5 Baumeite sulphur mixture, 5% thioxanthone emulsifier/Wet WP 1000-1500 times solution, 10% benzoquinone emulsifier 1500-2000 times solution or 50% three Phosphorus 1200-1500 times liquid and the like.

(3) Other seasons: 20% dicofol 1000 times solution, or triazolyl tin, phenyl butyl tin 1500-1800 times solution, 5% Nisolon 2000 times solution, 10% dying net 1000-1500 times solution, 20 % quick ketone 3000-4000 times liquid, 73% gram 1500-2500 times liquid, 50% bromine 1500 1500-2000 times liquid and the like.

(4) Protect natural enemies, rationally use medicines, implement health care cultivation, protect and utilize natural enemies such as ladybugs, predatory mites, eater horses, grass mites, and worms.

2. Rust tick: It is distributed in China's citrus production area and is one of the serious pests. It is mainly caused by the young, ruthenium clusters on the branches, leaves and fruits of citrus. The damaged peel or the back of the leaves turns dark brown, and the occurrence of July-September is the period of its occurrence and damage. Proper control period: mid-May to October.

(1 Agricultural control: high temperature and dry season, irrigation and drought resistance; increase the application of organic matter decomposing fertilizer, improve the ecological conditions of the orchard, and enhance the insect resistance of the tree; in the winter clearing garden, cut off the diseased branches, the weak branches, the trunk brush lime water once, To eliminate the source of overwintering insects.

(2) Chemical control: choose stone sulfur mixture, Bordeaux mixture 0.3-0.4 degrees, spray 1-2 times a month (the temperature is high and the temperature is lower in the hot sun), the spray volume should not be too large, so as to avoid phytotoxicity; 50% Tricyclic tin WP 3000 times solution, 65% Daisenxin 600-800 times solution, 30% carbaryl 600 times solution, 50% thiophosphorus 1000-1500 times solution.

3. Latent moth: All citrus production areas in China occur. The larvae are submerged under the epidermis of young leaves, twigs and young fruits. 9-15 generations occur in 1 year, and the larvae and old larvae overwinter under the epidermis of late autumn shoots and winter shoots. It usually occurs in early May and July-September is the worst. The summer shoots are lightly damaged, and the autumn shoots and late autumn shoots are seriously damaged.

(1) Agricultural control: Combine the winter clearing garden, cut off the damaged branches and burn them. Wipe out the summer shoots and sporadic early autumn tips as much as possible, and unify the shoots. Strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, and promote the tidy new shoots.

(2) Chemical control: use 1% or 1.8 avermectin EC 2500-4000 times solution, 3% acetamiprid emulsifiable concentrate 1000-2000 times solution, 80% dichlorvos EC 800 times solution, 40% dimethoate 1200 times solution 20% of the insecticidal urea suspending agent 1000-1500 times liquid, 5% of the worms 1500-2000 times liquid or pyrethroid pesticides 2000-6000 times liquid and other prevention and control.

(3) Protecting natural enemies: Protecting and utilizing natural enemies such as parasitic wasps.

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