Brief introduction of low-voltage electrical equipment

It is understood that the control electrical appliances are divided into high-voltage control appliances and low-voltage control appliances according to the level of their working voltage, with the exchange of 1200V and 1500V.

A low-voltage electrical appliance is a component or device that can manually or automatically turn the circuit on or off according to external signals and requirements to switch, control, protect, detect, change and adjust the circuit or non-electrical object.

In general, low-voltage electrical appliances can be divided into two major categories of distribution electrical appliances and control electrical appliances, and are the basic components of complete electrical equipment. In the industrial, agricultural, transportation, defense, and people's electricity sectors, most use low-voltage power supply, so the quality of electrical components will directly affect the reliability of low-voltage power supply systems.

The development of low-voltage electrical appliances depends on the development of the national economy and the needs of the development of modern industrial automation, as well as the research and application of new technologies, new processes, and new materials. Currently, it is moving toward high performance, high reliability, miniaturization, and digital modeling. The development of modularization, combination and component generalization.

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Label: Introduction to equipment for low-voltage electrical appliances

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